dainaoshi by Nature Morte


  1. Ken

    How did the lesson on plane set up go?
    If you used it on the piece of wood that it’s sitting on, then I would say, “Really Well!”

  2. jim

    No lessons yet…busy busy busy, ya know. That piece of “wood” is actually part of a hollow core door. The folks who built the house used it as a desk. We’re now using it as a table extender, for when we have more than 4 people at the house.

    You know, during the blue moon.

    Cool little plane, though. Got it off of eBay, it’s a “plane conditioning plane”.

  3. Ken

    So, where are the propellers?

  4. jim

    We’re smelting some metal from rocks that we dug up, then forging the propellers. Check back in 2023.

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