oregon coast by Nature Morte


  1. Ken

    The tough part is getting those waves to wait in place while you set up the shot. Nice crash.

  2. jim

    Too bad you guys live in the landlocked country of Canada. The coast is quite nice.

  3. Janparker

    But Canada did invent the stapler.

  4. jim

    Well…the US probably invented the staple gun.

  5. Jeff


    Through H.S. friend Jan Parker I was suggested to see your photos and am glad for the suggestion! My wife Debby and our three aussies are planning an RV trip out to the pacific nw in late August – early September. We would like to “camp” along the Oregon coast from north to south and I would hope to do some painting of the spectacular scenery. Any suggestions for locations would be appreciated.

  6. jim

    Hi Jeff,

    These pics were taken between Brookings (close to the CA border) and the Port Orford / Cape Blanco area. We were there for some fairly spectacular weather (30′ + waves). I’d highly recommend the whole area, and allow plenty of time to stop and look… Also, the area around Yachats, Waldport, and Seal Rock.

    Have a fantastic trip!


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