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  1. Jim

    Seemingly forever ago now, the DNC got hacked. So did a bunch of other accounts, including the RNC. Only DNC emails were leaked. That was curious…

    Not long after, US Intelligence was pretty sure it was the Kremlin.

    At that point, the election should have been over. During the Reagan era, it would have been. At that point in our history, we weren’t very tolerant of other entities mucking about in our elections…particularly the Kremlin.

    Apparently, times have changed.

    It doesn’t take much time with the Google machine to suss out Putin’s motivations.

    Michael Hayden, former NSA director/former CIA director used the term “polezni durak” to describe Trump. If you’re not familiar with that term, it loosely translates to “useful fool”.

    As useful as a fool as he is…Trump didn’t elect himself. He was only one vote. And he didn’t do much to keep his ties to Russia or his ass kissing of Putin hidden. Even with fingers in ears and singing “la la la la”…every Trump voter, abstainer, or 3rd party voter knew they were helping the Kremlin Cause.

    The term polezniye duraki seems more appropriate. It loosely translates to “useful fools” (plural). The Kremlin seems to have gathered 61 million (more or less) useful fools to help them out.

    So, well played, Vladimir – you finally won the cold war.

    Cheers! (or Nostrovia!) Vodka’s on the menu tonight.


    (I was kind of hoping that after being sworn in, Trump would show some balls, quit kissing Putin’s ass, and side with the US. Oh well…”wait and see” seems to be the duraki battle cry. I’m waiting, but it won’t change the fact that enough US voters clearly showed where their patriotism lies.)

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